We were looking for a simple, eye-catchy name that rhymes with "Cellular".

Looks like it's working since you've been curious enough to open this tab. is powered by D2 Technologie - a TELUS Authorized Dealer that operates 9 retail stores within the province.

When a customer upgrade their phone with us, we're buying back their previous handset.

We have, at any given time, more than a thousand phones in stock. While we're doing our best to post them online fast, it might be possible that you can't find the model you really want.

If you can't find the phone of your dreams, contact us and we'll find it for you.

Yes! All our phones are fully unlocked.

They will work with any cellphone provider in the world.


Yes! On, your purchases are always shipped free of charge.
We use Purolator Express for all the packages.
We're committed to a 48H delivery in most Quebec regions. It can take longer if you live in a remote location. Furthermore, we can't be deemed liable for a late delivery that is out of our control.


Short version; you can exchange your phone within 7 days of the purchase date, free of charge. No refunds are issued. Shipping is not included.

Full Version; check our Terms And Conditions.

No! There is a 20$ plus taxes fee for returns that covers both-ways shipping. Contact-us to get your return label!
You need to contact us on the very same day you received it so we can issue a replacement device.


Short version; all internal defects that are normally covered by the manufacturer's original warranty are covered by us during a period of 90 days. Any physical or liquid damage will void this warranty. We will repair or replace (as per our decision) a defective device that is still covered under our warranty.

Full version; see our complete warranty offering.

Yes! Both-ways shipping is on us. Contact us to receive your Purolator label.

In-warranty repairs are always our top priority. We're committed to a repair on the same day we received your device.

Sometimes, we simply cannot respect this timeframe for various logistics reasons. In this case, we'll contact you quickly to find the best solution.

Device Integrity & Original Parts

Most second-hand cellphones retailers will use the term "Refurbished" to describe their devices. In fact, they only clean, test and pack the phones for retail. There is no refurbishing involved.

Notwithstanding the warranty they are offering, there's no difference between their phones and a random phone bought on Kijiji/Marketplace.

At, we are committed to transparence towards our customers. Our phones are truly refurbished. Each device has been opened, inspected and cleaned inside, repaired if needed and sealed-back using new original seals. It allows us to detect non-visible damage such as liquid penetration or aftermarket parts. This whole process increases the overall quality of the phones we are selling. And it works well; we rarely need to process a warranty claim.

We repair a large portion of the phones we sell. A basic battery replacement is considered a repair. And we replace a lot of them.

It absolutely doesn't mean that our phones are of any less quality than others. It's the opposite.

At, we pride ourselves in always using, whenever possible, original parts to fix the phones we sell. If that is not possible, we will source used or equivalent parts of the highest quality. You will never find a low-quality part on one of our phones.

Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Damages caused by liquid are not covered under our warranty.

It is never recommended to immerge a cellphone, wherever it comes from. Your actual phone, while rated as water-resistant from the factory, is probably not resistant anymore today.

At, we close back every phone using new original seals. We still won't advertise the phone as water-resistant.

Lear more about Splash, water and dust resistance here. (External link)

Battery Health

The industry standard for used cellphones is 80% and more. We believe it's way too low.

At, we are engaged in providing phones with a battery that holds 85% and more of its original capacity and that have less than 500 charging cycles. Therefore, we will replace any battery that doesn't respect these criteria before putting the phone up for sale.

Please note that in some cases, we can't reset the battery cycle count to zero when replacing the battery. It's normal and won't affect the lifespan of your new battery!

While it's not common, a battery can be defective/due for replacement even if it respects all our standards. Please  contact-us so we can find a solution that will fit your needs.
Yes! We are offering quality battery replacements to all our customers. You will even save 10% when the phone has been purchased from us.

Anything Else?

We'll answer you in a timely manner. Please include your phone number if you'd like us to call you back!

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